Cast Stone

Cast Stone is a custom made product that can be formed in a wide variety of shapes, contours and designs. Custom cast stone provides an economical alternative to hand carved stone while allowing the same level of detail and creative design. Custom cast stone in central Indiana is distributed by Indiana Brick Corp.

Cast Stone is manufactured by Custom Cast Stone using the Vibrant Dry Tamp Casting Method. This method uses more carefully graded aggregate and less water than architectural precast concrete using the Wet Casting Method. The most noticeable benefits are the fine grained texture and the total absence of bug holes. This results in a product that more closely resembles natural cut stone.

Because of their unique relationship with Custom Cast Stone, Indiana Brick Corp. can assist you in all phases of your project, from preliminary design through shop drawings and production, to the delivery and installation of the stone product. Contact Bruce or Bill to find out how Custom Cast Stone can add creative and elegant details to your next project at a reasonable cost.

photo of cast stone