Types of Brick Used in Construction

Architectural Brick

Indiana brick represents several quality brick manufacturers that have the ability to provide architectural brick for most any design. Clays mined from the vast plains of Nebraska to the Ohio River Valley of the Eastern United States enable our brick manufacturers to offer a wide range of brick colors, textures, sizes and shapes to meet any architectural design.

Residential Brick

No matter the size or style of home you are building, we offer residential brick which will be nearly maintenance free and add lasting beauty and value to your home.

Structural Brick

By eliminating the need of a back-up wall structural clay brick offers labor savings. Additionally, due to its superior compressive strength other engineering values like reduced structural steel maybe realized when using structural clay brick.

Thin Brick

The timeless look of brick is available as a thin brick system. Many of our brick manufactures now offer thin brick which can be thin set applied in many different applications which traditionally would not have be possible due to the absence of support for standard bed depth brick.

Glazed Brick

Glazed brick offers a permanent , non-fading, and impervious finish for an entire wall or accent band.

Concrete Brick

Concrete brick can offer a wide selection of colors and shapes to a cementitious wall assembly. This would allowing the designer/builder to construct a wall using all cement based products with similar performance characteristics and eliminate the need for design details which accommodate dissimilar materials in the same wall.

Paving Brick

Brick walks , patios and driveways offer excellence in color permanence, character and durability when made with paving brick. Due to their low water absorption and high compressive strengths clay pavers will perform in many different applications. We offer a wide variety of clay brick pavers to fit any design.