Paving Brick

Indiana Brick Corp is the central Indiana distributor for paving brick from Belden Brick Co., Endicott Clay Products and other manufacturers. Authentic clay paving brick provide the long life and rich colors that other paver materials can only imitate. Authentic clay pavers are clay brick fired at 2000F and designed to perform in demanding paver applications. They do not require expensive periodic sealer applications to maintain their rich colors. Authentic clay pavers are available in a variety of colors and sizes and can be adapted to a variety of creative designs and applications.

Clay paving brick are covered by two separate ASTM Specifications:

Let Bill or Bruce from Indiana Brick Corporation demonstrate how the variety of colors, sizes, and shapes of authentic clay pavers can provide an ideal design choice for any sidewalk, patio or driveway application. Make an appointment to stop by our showroom and view samples of clay pavers for pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic. Call us at 317-896-1600.

photo collage of clay pavers paving bricks from Indiana Brick

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