Thin Brick

Indiana Brick Corp sells clay thin brick and manufactured concrete thin brick veneer from manufacturers, including:

Clay Thin Brick:

Manufactured Thin Brick:

Thin brick comes in many different sizes, colors and textures.


Thin Brick Installation/Support Structures:

TABS thin brick installation system logoThe Tabs II Plus Multi Layered Structural Panel System provides the most comprehensive method of securing thin brick, thin tile and other thin products to walls. The system was engineered to allow each layer to expand and contract independently as it responds to temperature and humidity changes, saving energy and creating a secure, long-lasting structure.

Weather Protective Barrier: A breathable barrier that prevents water from penetrating the structure.

Rain Screen: A perforated screen which allows moisture to escape and equalizes pressure within the wall.

Structural Steel Panel: Creates greater tensile strength and adds to the lateral support of the building frame.

Adhesive & Structural Silicone: Tabs offer both, which have been engineered to meet the requirements of the Tabs panel.

Fasteners: Tabs offer three types of fasteners

Mortar Additive: Tabs mortar additive when when used with Type “S” Mortar mix offers minimal shrinkage and adds more flexibility to the mortar, which increases the strength of the adhesion. Also cotains an added fungicide to prevent mold and mildew.


TABS thin brick installation system with moisture barrier